Entry Command Centre / Launch Pad

I have had this almost finished for weeks, a project that has taken a few months and I had planned for even more months before that.  However, the perfectionist in me kept ‘tweaking’ it.

I decided enough was enough and called it DONE!

The idea of an all-in-one spot for everyday items came to me back in late 2009, calling it our central board.

This was located on a kitchen wall.  It was not complete, I still had ideas for the top left corner with a clock and changeable date tags, also a chore chart directly left of the phone. Being my first attempt at carpentry, it held up pretty well but there was more than a few things wrong with it and I took it down 6 + months ago.

I then discovered Blogs and Pinterest.  Read More….

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Entry Command Centre / Launch Pad

48 thoughts on “Entry Command Centre / Launch Pad

  1. Look at you all DIY blogger!! I am so super duper impressed with your handiwork. I would never be confident (or motivated enough) to do all that but I seriously want one of those shelf/hooky arrangements. How much do you charge? ;)


  2. What a fabulous job you did – I am jealous as we have no spot where i can create something like this as we have few walls/heaps of big windows in this house and come and go via the back deck (I always read about them with envy).

    Love that your mission statement is so prominent and looks awesome!


    1. Thanks Deb. This is in my front entry but we do, at present, enter through the back which is literally within eye shot (picture long thin house and back door almost directly with front – ooh, bad feng shui) and 10 steps. We will enter through the front when we FINALLY finish the landscaping out there and don’t have to wade through mud to get there :D

      I am jealous of your big windows, all that natural light!


  3. Susan Hughes says:

    WOW!! I love that it is so practical and so pretty at the same time. Awesome job I would love something like that at my place…. well done you should be so proud :)


  4. […] I really like the idea of a vision board and will be making this a permanent item in my home.  I needed it to be in a highly visible place, one I would take notice of, yet blend in with my home decor.  So I chose to use frames on a wall.   Deciding where to place it was an easy task, choosing the wall directly above where I hang my bag each day (the other side to my  Entry Command Centre / Launch Pad). […]


  5. Awesome job – I am still at the ‘in my head’ stage of a command center. Maybe it will actually make its debut at the start of school next year; we’ll just have to muddle our way through the rest of this one.
    ~Amy @ Permanent Kisses


  6. B says:

    This is very cool! I love it! I will have to think about how to do this for my place… I love the red and blue. I also love that you MADE it! You are very clever!


  7. Tina says:

    I came over from iheartorganizing & I absolutely LOVE your entry command centre/launch pad!! It is SO pretty! Wow! Totally jealous! Wish I had something like this when my kids were smaller.


  8. Lynne says:

    I love this idea and I am so inspired, I am actually on my way to the store to buy everything I need to do this! I have been looking for an easy idea to simplify our entrance and de-clutter. Lord knows with 3 kids and doing after school care, we have a lot of clutter. Thanks for posting! :)


  9. Lori Orman says:

    Amazing idea!! I myself have been looking thru ideas for a central area/dump/grab site for my house. Just an idea you could purchase 2 wooden shoe shelves from Ikea or Walmart to put underneath for the shoes. Way to go mom!!


    1. Hi Lori, thanks for stopping by :D I have since purchased a low TV bench with open shelving reduced from Ikea to replace the trays. It truly has helped immensely in our quest to have an organised house, keeping all the kidlet’s items in the one place. Best of luck with your central area project.


  10. You are an inspiration. This looks fantastic! A really beautiful yet practical space. So very impressive, you’ve made me want to organize my space much more aesthetically.


  11. I just found this on Pinterest, and I love it! We are actually looking to put something just like this on a big empty kitchen wall. I hadn’t thought of the idea for the hooks, but it would be a great addition. Kids could bring their backpacks in and they’re accessible for getting notes in/out and packing snacks, etc. Great job! Looks very functional and pretty :).


    1. Thanks Rebecca, this has been an absolute success with keeping all the school stuff and all incoming bits and bobs corralled in one spot, makes for a MUCH more organized life :D


  12. Kylie says:

    Do you think something like this would be classed as a permanent fixture, I would
    Love to do this we have the perfect entrance for it but not sure if we would be allowed due to renting


    1. Sorry Kylie, this would definitely be classed as a permanent fixture as the hook shelf is firmly fixed to the wall. Command Hooks and tabs would work wonders for your space and if applied properly cause no damage once removed. I’ve even seen them in stainless look. Best of luck :)


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