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Drawers Repurposed

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For many years, my little girl has had this chest of drawers, originally purchased along with her bed.

Recently, the bottom drawer has been less than functional.  Not sure if it’s from her standing in it, her climbing the thing or from me moving it around so much but all of our attempts to fix it have failed dismally.

We tried new drawer runners and bracing the bottom of the shell to make it more square but that bottom drawer just would not slide in and out without a lot of wiggling and brute force, something a 7 year old can not do well.

We put up with it until a replacement was kindly donated to us.  It actually has more storage space and a mirror! SCORE!

Once I had transferred all her clothes, I moved it into a corner of her room, until such a time that I worked out what to do with it.  If anything, I could at the very least, salvage the wood.

That was a huge mistake, as Little Devil decided it would be an ideal spot to pile up her folded clothes instead of putting them away!

We had no room to store it in the shed, even after a clean up we can only just fit our cars in there!

I scoured Pinterest for ideas and found so many wonderful re-purposed projects but most involved keeping the bottom drawer.  Curse you bottom drawer!

I finally decided on at least one project I could do and thought I would wait until the right time to execute it.

Walking past her room the other day, I could not stand it anymore, all that clutter makes me anxious.

So, I figured if I pull it all apart, drawers and all, I could store it in a lot less space in the shed.

Well, let me tell you if you think flat packs are hard to put together, it is so much harder to undo it all!  I was motivated to start my project now, to at least see some results from all that hard labour!

The idea was to re-use the top two drawers to add storage under her bed, a known hiding spot for all her clutter.  What is it about little girls and their bits of paper?

The drawers were too high but the two drawers side-by-side would fit perfectly.

I measured the clearance height under the bed and taking into account the height of the castors I planned to add, I marked out my cuts (ensuring I would be able to re-use the cutouts that hold the bottom panel) and set to work.

Once cut, all pieces could be slotted back together just as before.  I just know that the Little Devil is going to cram as much as possible in it, so foreseeing that, I cut down a scrap piece and reinforced the middle with it.

Not sure what these ‘brackets’ are meant to be used for but we had them in our stash.  When we had our house built, we would forage around the building site on weekends and pick up all the materials they would throw around the ground and in the bin, knowing we would have a use one day.  These are probably from then.

Lastly, to put the castors on.  Now these had four little holes for screws but the bottom panel is very thin and even the tiniest of screws would poke through.  I thought I might reinforce the corners with more scraps of wood.  However I couldn’t find anything thin enough to ensure bed clearance.

I decided glue was my best option and found a pack just laying around the shed.  Not sure how old this stuff was but it didn’t work so well, meant to set in 90 seconds but didn’t.  I jammed the castor plate into the cutout with the bottom of the drawer and I’m almost sure it won’t budge.  If they do come out, I’ll come up with some other way.It slides in and out really well and holds quite a lot of paper and other treasures that previously didn’t have a home.

I only managed to finish one in the time I had and with plans to paint the bed, the under-bed drawer has been left as-is, holes from the original knobs and all!

Little fingers can fit under it to slide it out so no handle necessary.

Love that I was able to re-use something I already had and for the small cost of castors (set of 4 for under $3) and a little bit of time, have added storage to this ever cluttered room!

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