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I thrive on routine.  Set time to leave the house each morning for school run, set time to have dinner on the table by and when my kidlets were little, a set time for a nap each day and feeds.  However, this whole routine thing has slipped, a LOT!  I try to reign it in and it all falls down in a heap, with one fowl swoop.

For example, the kidlet’s bedtime was getting later and later, they pushed for more time to watch a certain TV show; they fluffed around and fought over brushing their teeth and getting into bed; they spent longer to wind down each night and it just got out of control.

For someone who LOVES the quietness of an all-sleeping-but-me night, this was pushing out my bedtime and pretty soon I was living on a few hours sleep each night.  This makes for one very CRANKY Mumma and it showed in all and every aspect of our lives.  Not to mention the extreme crankiness of the less-slept kidlets.

So, what did I do?  I wanted to throw my arms up in the air and say “I give up!  Just do what you want to , I really don’t care anymore”, yep I had got to that point.  Instead, I decided to get regimented.  There would be a Bedtime Routine and they were going to STICK TO IT!

The idea was a simple one, 7pm and Bubba Boy, the youngest would brush his teeth and settle into bed, followed closely by my daughter, then Junior Perfectionist last.  They should all be well and truly settled and have had a generous amount of ‘lights on time’ before I tell them/turn it off for them at 8pm.

And it worked.  One person in the bathroom at one time meant no reason to fight, the fluffing around still happened but to a less extent and one or even two of my kidlet’s would even be asleep by the lights out mark!  Success!

Albeit a short one .. Every month the 4wd Magazine comes out with a new DVD and Father-In-Law gives it to Hubby, who then brings it home and declares to the kids “I’ve got the new DVD to watch tonight!”  Excitement is shown and they all sit down to watch, and watch, and watch… 7pm comes and goes, I remind Hubby of what time it is, by clock time and by what should be happening at this time, but no … routine schmootine!

Okay so it was one night and I did speak to Hubby and explain how important it is for a less cranky Mumma and kidlets that the Bedtime Routine be NON-NEGOTIABLE!  And it was for a while, till the next time Daddy wants to excite the kidlets with a night-time viewing, this time with a replay of the last weekends events on home video.

I understand that it is only one night in the whole scheme of things and that some people can do flexible when it comes to routine and bounce back the next day to continue said routine as usual, this household is not like that, not do it one night and very shortly we are back to square one again.

I understand that these kind of things can be very exciting and therefore one may not be able to contain that excitement and wait until a more appropriate time.

I also understand that my Hubby gets home most nights barely within an hour of set ‘wind down’ time and he would like to spend more time with the kidlets.

I am a very understanding person but really, if it works why mess with that?

With kidlets in bed on time, I can get stuff done and settle down earlier myself.  I have set myself a deadline each night.  By this time I will have put away any laptop or phone and snuggled down to watch half an hour to an hour of TV.  I find watching TV sends me to sleep and have often woken up in the wee hours of the morning (or Hubby wakes up) and find my glasses still on.  Now that I have set myself a turn off time, most nights within half an hour of ‘settle time’ I flick the TV off, take my glasses off and fall asleep almost instantly.  Hooray for small victories and Mumma getting some good sleep!

Another area needed regimentation is General Household Chores.  At the moment there isn’t much of a routine.  I had set a ‘deadline’ for certain weekly tasks as in by Sunday the clothes should all be washed, folded, ironed and put away but it just wasn’t happening, general household upkeep is my greatest downfall.  Each and every morning we find ourselves digging through clothes baskets making a great big mess and I find myself ironing the uniforms for that day.  It is a major source of stress and frustration!

This is all my fault.  I like having clean pressed clothes, I just hate the process it takes to get them and I really want to do better things with my time!  However, if I want things to run smoother of a morning and ease the stress that my laziness procrastination causes, I really MUST start giving more attention to these things.  This is going to be a new key focus in this house with deadlines enforced and new habits to be formed, once again a little visual reminder can help.  I had made up these lists a little while ago and they lived on the pantry door.  Obviously that did not work, doesn’t help that the door is left open half the time anyways.  I reassessed them, tweaked a few things and have relocated them to the fridge, they tend to close that one a little more often!  Now I just need to pay attention to these deadlines and get on with IT!

Do you have a set routine when it comes to children’s bedtimes or general household chores?

What works/does not work for you?

So now I am off to tackle Mt Washmore, Mt Foldmore and Mt Iron.  Hmmm, that’s a lot of mountain climbing … no wonder I keep putting it off!

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  1. I can relate to a lot of this Stacey. We have had to move to the kids getting teach brushed etc separately too many times lately due to either fighting or playing, their bedtime seemed to get more fluid as well. Good to hear you are getting to bed easily – i am working on earlier bedtime as a habit – too many 11+pm nights. was so tired i went to bed early finally last night!

    • It had never occurred to me to send them separately before now. I was trying to be fair but for a while there we had 4 fighting over the one little sink (my niece lived with us for awhile), it made me think there had to be a better way. The fights have now moved out of the bathroom as to who goes first, second etc. in regards to showers .. Going to need a new strategy for that one now!

  2. im reading this thinking i should really get onto all my housework. i love routine but where my last routine was made around school (and theyre on their holidays) everythings fallen apart. I have many mountains i need to tackle, i may just have to write myself out another schedule and try it out.

    • Ah yes school holidays really do muck up routines. It’s all good to have a schedule, my problem is doing it! I didn’t make too big a dent in those mountains today choosing to prep meals and lunches instead (that also really needed to be done) and ran out of time but Hubby came home early and managed to make a huge dent in it for me :). Now to keep up with it! Best of luck with your schedule making :D

  3. beth @ stay calm & carry on

    I hear you loud and clear about trying to get husband on board with the kids routine…after many attempts of trying to explain my reasons for having the kids in bed early/at the same time every night (it’s an all around win-win situation, isn’t it?!), it finally took our most recent family vacation where I mentally prepared myself for kids being off-schedule and it turned out that my husband was the one who couldn’t deal with it!! It was a major breakthrough!! Those are great lists for your routines! I am curious, what sandwiches freeze well (from your “this week” list)? That sounds like the perfect answer to those few and far between mornings that the kids sleep in and I could get a little more rest if I could direct the husband to a premade lunch in the freezer!!

    • Hi Beth, isn’t that too funny, hubby’s are strange creatures! Mine got a taste of the ‘let’s choose to fight, scream, yell etc.. when Mum’s on the phone’ the other night as for the first time he stayed in the same room as me for a phone call and of course the kids came along right on cue (must have thought it was me!), I think they need to experience things more than being told. Now to figure out the experience he needs to have for bedtime regime to sink in…

      I have stuck with very basic sandwiches for freezing – different hams/deli meats with cheese (from the block stuff – sliced) and sauce/mustard/pickles/avocado. Hubby takes them as well as the kids. The rest of their lunch consists of mostly fruit and veg/salad to make up for the lack of it in their sandwiches. This is the BEST TIME SAVER and eases the fights I have with my daughter over what to put on her sandwich each morning.


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