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Dreaded Winter Lurgies and Medicine Organisation

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It’s official, I do not like Winter! It’s not the cold so much, that I am not a fan of but it is all the dreaded lurgies that seem to find us a lot easier in this season.

I read somewhere that you don’t catch a cold from being cold, don’t tell the kidlets because I am still going to force them to wear a jumper to stop from getting sick!, but more from being indoors more. If you think about it, one is more likely to open all the windows and ‘air out’ the house in warmer months than in the Winter season, thus allowing the germ particles to linger longer in our homes.

Bubba Boy has had Asthma symptoms each Winter of his life, so far so good this season but we have been blessed with severe colds and a gastro bug amongst us in the last couple of weeks.

Luckily, I am pretty well organised when it comes to keeping and storing medicines, it makes it soooo much easier to know what is on hand and find it quickly or in a sleep-deprived stupor.


My Medicine Storage

Some may think it is a little ‘over the top’ in terms of organisation but believe me, when faced with finding that pain relief in the middle of the night or the bandaid for that little boo-boo when a kidlet is crying, I am soooo glad I did this!

The best thing about it? It cost me less than $15 to do!! I grabbed 2 packs of these:

IKEA Pruta Storage Container Pack $6.99

I sorted like with like and broke it down into categories e.g. coughs and colds, pain relief, bandaids, placed them in a suitable size from the pack and labelled them with the dymo.  Quick and Easy plus I had leftover containers.

They live in the very top shelf of a kitchen upper cabinet, away from little kidlet’s reach.  Most used containers at front, lesser used ones at back.

And,  ever since Bubba Boy tried eating washing powder, I have kept the poisons hotline handy, amongst other good-to-keep-close phone numbers.  These are just magnets blu-tacked to the inside of the cupboard.  (Note – washing powder does not taste very nice and a small amount is not too harmful: phew! first of many ambulance rides with that kid!)

You can see that I use them for other items in this cupboard too – decor container write-able labels for my freezer bulk meals, vitamins, superglue etc.

I wish I had a before picture to show you but that was prior to blogging, picture a large box and everything thrown in, rustled around in numerous times and that would be the before!

How do you store your medications?  and where?

What would be the most used medication in your house?

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