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Let There Be light! A Little Lampshade Makeover

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Let There Be light!  A Little Lampshade Makeover

For a very long time, my little girl has had a little pink night light, left on until she goes to sleep.

This has been enough to keep away the darkness yet not provide too much light.

Now, more than ever, my little girl aka Little Devil can read and likes to do so before she tires enough for sleep.

Having the ‘big light’ on is a nuisance to her younger brother across the hall and can keep him up later than any of us would like.  Anyone want a cranky 4 year old? …. Didn’t think so.

So I decided that what she really needs is a lamp for beside her bed.  I could have just gone and got her one but that would be no fun!

That and the fact I had a lamp, previously discarded by Junior Perfectionist (the shade sat skew-wiff  and he just couldn’t deal with that).

It was all BLACK, as in base black and shade black, not really the look I was going for in her oh-so-pink room (it is too pink and I am looking to change that but definetly not with black!).

Having seen many a spruce up done on a lampshade, I decided fabric was the way to go and on a recent outing I found myself foraging for material in a thrift store.

I wanted to bring in some more colour, add some sophistication and fun amongst all that PINK. I came across the most adorable floral print, in the form of a SKIRT which would’ve so fit me and looked fantastic but I knew it was just the thing to start the room.  Did I mention it was all of $3!

Now giddy from my find, I channelled my inner Sarah Richardson (LOVE her work!) and scoured that whole shop, nook and crannies, for complimentary fabrics.  And look what I found!  2 x standard pillow cases, 1 x European pillow case & a huge piece of cut material all $1 each! With skirt that is a grand total of $8 and I have a tonne of ideas to use it in my girl’s space and dollhouse.

So, I took the black old lampshade and measured enough of the pretty floral fabric to cover it.  I had such a hard time cutting at that skirt, not because of the material or choice of scissors but because even Little Devil wanted me to keep it as a skirt for me.  Did I mention I am a shirt and jeans or shorts kinda gal?  That’s how much I love this print and will delight in seeing it in use and not just hanging in my wardrobe, unworn.

So I wrapped the material around the original shade and used a little bit of spray adhesive on each edge to hold it in place, folding over the exposed edge. I then took the overhang at top and bottom, folded over once each then again securing with the hot glue gun (could’ve used the spray stuff again but that stuff gets everywhere!). For an added bit of flair, I added a length of ribbon around the bottom edge.

The top edges folded over nicely but the bottom edges not so much, to ‘hide’ this, I just glued another ribbon on the inside. And voila!, we have ourselves a pretty new lampshade!

Nice enough with the black base but I just HAD to change it, opting to spray in white.

This is where I am kicking myself, remember how I said Junior Perfectionist couldn’t deal with the lampshade sitting skew-wiff? Well that’s because the light fitting part on the base was loose and it seemed that no matter how many times you turned, it just would not tighten. I was ready to glue it but thought I would just try tightening, one. more. time.  Should’ve stuck with the glue idea!  Doh!  I broke it!

So now I have a pretty little lampshade and no base!  Oh well, the search begins …

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