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A Vision to Behold

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A Vision to Behold

The aim of my vision board is to serve as inspiration and to be a reminder for focus on my goals.  This is the next step in the 52 Weeks to Simplify your Life Challenge.

I really like the idea of a vision board and will be making this a permanent item in my home.  I needed it to be in a highly visible place, one I would take notice of, yet blend in with my home decor.  So I chose to use frames on a wall.   Deciding where to place it was an easy task, choosing the wall directly above where I hang my bag each day (the other side to my  Entry Command Centre / Launch Pad).

The most important part of the whole board is the mirror, for when I look in this mirror I will be reminded that it all comes down to ME!

I find words and quotes most inspiring at the moment.  I took sayings  that reflected what I most needed to hear at present, playing around with fonts and colours until I liked what I saw.  Then, after choosing frames, printed in sizes to suit.

My absolute favourite and the one with most meaning as I focus on change, would have to be:

Beautiful things don’t just happen

If YOU want something marvellous

YOU’ve got to make something marvellous

Included also is the reminder to ‘Stop thinking so much’ & ‘Get on with IT already’ & ‘Finished is better than perfect’ – I am an overthinker, will plan and plan some more – need to DO more, think less and it does not matter if it is not perfect!

There is a reminder to ‘keep calm and craft on’ as provided in a printable from here. I find even if I do even something remotely crafty in my day, it is one of the better ones.  It makes me happy and maybe a little calmer.  One of my goals, as I discussed here is to be more crafty.

Another goal is to exercise, hence the reminder to make time.  ‘Right Now, Someone busier than you is exercising’ TRUE!

For such a controlled person, the randomness of the frames was a struggle for me but the freestyle layout in itself is representative of my fight against perfectionism – ‘Life begins outside your comfort zone’.

The best part is that each individual focus item can be changed out easily as time passes/focus changes and should I ever tire of the vision board idea, can swap out the frame inserts for photos or something else.  Although, I think it looks so pretty, I don’t think I will ever tire of it!

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  1. I love it! Especially the one about exercising ;P

  2. I love this! So inspiring. I’m new here via Crash Test Mummy of the Week.

  3. thats gorgeous I’ve been meaning to do a control centre your looks lovely :) Im also doing Debs challenges they are great fun :)


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